Teacher Tip #10: Whiparound Strategy

Whiparound is an instructional tool teachers can use to check for understanding in a group setting and for summarization. While the whip around strategy may not provide individual, student-level information about understanding, it offers a low threat environment and helps teachers Read more

Teacher Tip #9: The Nudge

What do you and I mean by a Nudge?  Besides knowing it to be something that goads a laggard forward, did you ever think it could assume the role of a methodological approach to get learners to respond? Well, not Read more

Teacher Tip #8: The Zeigarnik Effect

It was the year 1920. Bluma Zeigarnik, a Lithuanian scholar in Gestalt psychology sat in a restaurant watching waiters. Zeigarnik noticed that the waiters seemed to remember complex orders that guided them to deliver the right combination of food to Read more