Teaching Tip # 6: Five Teaching Techniques to Teach High Frequency Words

The following techniques activate different parts of the brain while learning high frequency or sight words. These techniques use many repetitions of the word, namely, seeing, hearing, speaking, spelling, and writing. The physical movements help to retain the student’s attention and entrench each word into the student’s long-term memory.

Take three unfamiliar words at a time to make it manageable for your students. Then hold up a flash card of the first word, and go through the five steps below in order. Introduce new sight words using this sequence of five teaching techniques:

  1. See and Say: The students see the word on the flash card and say the word while underlining with their fingers.
  2. Spell Reading: They say the word and spell out the letters, then read the word again.
  3. Arm Tapping: They say the word and then spell out the letters while tapping them on their arms, then read the word again.
  4. Air Writing: They say the word, then write the letters in the air in front of the flash card.
  5. Table Writing: They write the letters on a table, first looking at and then not looking at the flash card.

These exercises get the child up to a baseline level of competence that is then reinforced by games, which take them up to the level of mastery. All you need is a flash card for each of the sight words covered in the lesson.


Author: Sonali Bhattacharyya

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