Our valuable users share their experience of using Online Teacher Training

Thank you for introducing Online Teacher Training, a wonderful facilitating-training programme. Its user-friendly modules and liberal time frame helped to study the content at my convenience. Navigation was extremely fluid, and the content was informative and easy-to-understand. It is supported by suitable examples and activities, which opened new dimensions for me. The quality of the video content is way ahead of any other programme. The most interesting feature for me was when I was able to replay the slides and the videos before completion of a particular module. It gave me abundant chances for better learning.

Varsha Dalal
RED School, Haryana

Oxford’s Online Teacher Training programme is informative and educative. Going through the module contents, making notes and being evaluated made us feel like students again. We have learnt many new techniques that will improve our teaching skills and benefit our students, such as developing critical thinking in children, using mind mapping technique, understanding the concept of multiple intelligences, note-making skills, 21st century skills, practising gender equity in the classroom, etc. The programme is a storehouse of valuable material for educators. I found it very interesting and beneficial, and would strongly recommend it to everyone.

Kanika Grover
The Frank Anthony Public School, New Delhi

It gave me great pleasure to complete the Online Teacher Training programme developed by from Oxford University Press. Right from purchasing the course from Amazon and then getting myself enrolled, choosing modules and completing the course – the entire process was simple as well as exciting. All the modules are topical and relevant. Some worth mentioning include Developing Gender Sensitivity and Equality in the Classroom, 21st Century Skills, etc. Today we need to develop gender sensitive classrooms through our teaching methodology and mode of addressing our learners. Study Skill Strategies to Teach Your Learners gave me innovative ideas that can be implemented in class to develop language skills in my learners. Encouraging Students to Speak in the Classroom seems very common – something we think that we practise in our classrooms. But the module is much more technical, providing guidance to motivate the students for group activities and to make them learn to speak out in different circumstances. Every module has something new to learn from. Some of the techniques they touched upon are already being implemented by me as per our management policies. I appreciate the efforts of Oxford University Press India for creating OTT, a must-do and contemporary online training. I am sure it will enable me to utilize my knowledge to further benefit the students and teaching community at large.

Geeta Zunjani
Delhi Public School, Bhilai

I found the modules quite comprehensive and illustrative. The Online Teacher Training programme provides ample scope for teachers’ professional growth through self-learning technique.

Moumita Chakraborty
Shemford Futuristic School, Gujarat

The Online Teacher Training programme by OUP is quite beneficial, informative and educative for teachers. It helps a teacher to develop critical and logical thinking in children. All the modules are quite useful and effective as they are application-based. Thank you Team Oxford for giving us the opportunity for making our classroom teaching more effective with your interesting and engaging programme.

Vanika Singh
The Frank Anthony Public School, New Delhi

Oxford Online Teacher Training course is an enlightening and a great learning platform. The modules are very interesting and well laid out, and the course kept me motivated all through to learn more and more. I will definitely take back the learnings such as critical thinking, mind mapping, gender sensitivity and 21st century skills into the classroom, and apply what I have learnt. Thank you Team Oxford for such an informative and beneficial course programme.

Reema Wadhwa
The Frank Anthony Public School, New Delhi

Though initially I felt a few modules would not be useful for me as I am a Mathematics teacher, when I went through the content I could grasp a few ideas from those modules as well which are very useful for language teachers.

In the end, the entire course was pretty useful – the preparation was good, framing of questions were also nice as it made us think and answer. Hope these ideas will help me as a teacher in my regular classroom teaching. Thanks to Oxford University Press for coming up with such meaningful online programs.

C.S. Shankar
Assam Valley School, Assam

Dr Pampa Chaudhuri (Director)
PICT Model School, Pune

Dr Hemashri Deka (Teacher, Environmental Education and Biology)
Assam Valley School

Dr Kuljeet Singh (Teacher, Department of Chemistry)
Assam Valley School

Maxim Charles Macdonald (Teacher, Department of English)
Assam Valley School

Minto Borah (Teacher, Department of Geography)
Assam Valley School

TaufiqueAlam Ansari (Teacher, Science (Physics))
Assam Valley School

Trupthi Hiremath (Academic Lead)
PICT Model School, Pune