How to access the platform?
You need an Internet access and any suitable device such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.
OTT is accessible on all browsers, however for version-compatibility, please check the System Requirements page uploaded on the OTT portal.
After completion of payment process, the OTT back-office administration sends a mail containing your login credentials within 1-2 working days. Please do check your Inbox or Spam/Junk folders as well. If you still haven’t received any email from us, please write to us at OTTindia@oup.com with your issue.
If you are buying through Distributor/CENTA/Amazon, then make sure that you write to us at OTTIndia@oup.com with the access code that you have received along with other details. You can also complete this process by clicking here.
Simply click on the Forgot Password link while logging in. You will receive a new password/your recovery password in a mail from OTT back-office.
Login to your account with your current username and password, then check the left panel in the Dashboard section, and use Change Password tab to set your new password.
If you have bought a 7-module package, and got access to only 3 modules, then please send an email to OTTIndia@oup.com and our support team will assist you.
Yes, you can watch the videos and slides and also complete the quizzes and activities on your tablet.
This is the End User License Agreement document that has been electronically embedded into the OTT platform. Every new user has to agree to OUP’s terms and conditions, set forth in this document, to gain access to the modules. Each user will be prompted to do so only during their first login.
There is a ticker on the top right corner of your dashboard which tells you the number of days of validity you enjoy.
No, you cannot as the username and certificates will be generated in your name.
We give demo access for one module (not more than 24 hours), but the request has to come from the head of the institute. Or you can buy a single module for ₹300 from the CENTA platform: https://www.centa.org/portal/signin
About OTT
The OTT platform consists of modules that cover pedagogy and methodology of teaching different concepts of ELT, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, etc. Please refer to the website home page at www.onlineteachertraining.in for the list of all modules currently available along with their detailed components.
Each user can attempt the quizzes/activities several times till they achieve the score required for certificate generation.
These modules can be taken up by teachers of all levels (Pre Primary / Primary / Middle / Secondary) because they provide teachers with value-based insights into pedagogy and practice.
This usually happens if there is a sudden dip in internet speed. A generally low speed increases the buffering issues of videos, and images too take time to load. We would suggest adjusting your internet speed, and if the problems still persist, please contact us at OTTindia@oup.com.
Every OTT package is valid for 90days from the generation of login credentials. Access to every module is valid for 30 days from training start date (not extending the three-month cut-off date).
This is a completely online platform, and some of its contents can be downloaded or viewed at a later date on our blog at https://www.onlineteachertraining.in/blog/.
After completion of a module, you will be allowed to download your certificate and a handout. Both the documents can be printed and retained by you.
How to buy?
Connect with our OUP sales representative for your school/institute. You can also purchase directly from Amazon and CENTA.
You can buy OTT modules as a package of 7/14 modules. For buying individual modules, please refer to the next question.
Yes, you can do so through the CENTA platform. Click on this link: https://www.centa.org/portal/signin
There are four ways of buying OTT modules:
  1. School
  2. Trader
  3. Amazon
  4. CENTA platform
How to buy
On the website homepage, click on any of the modules listed there and you will be given the option to download a PDF document of the module components from the pop-up box.
Please refer to the following sections of the website:
  • Video
  • Quick Look presentation
It talks about the features and components of OTT, and gives an idea of the look-and-feel of the platform before buying.
This product has no option for return. The log in access will be provided only after the payment is done, and we follow a no-return policy with schools, traders and partners.
Yes, users are given an option to request for offline certificates. Navigate to the top of the OTT homepage and click on the Offline Certificates button. You will be asked to share a few details as well as upload the soft copies of the certificates that you have downloaded/saved at your end after completion of each module.
Yes. Offline certificates will not be issued without soft copies.
You will get certificates for each of the modules you have purchased, provided you achieve the required score.
As stated in the sheet, this information is necessary as it will be replicated in the certificate, which will be generated after successful completion of each module. For example, your name and other details that you write will get reflected in the certificate.
After finishing the training, please click on the Submit button on the last slide. It will take you to the score sheet which contains your score, as well as your overall signage in each slide. If your score is >70%, you will get the Print Certificate and Download Handout option.
The OTT package only includes e-certificates which can be printed/downloaded by the user.
Support and information about OTT is available through
  1. Customer Support Number: 1800-4190-901 (Working hours: 9 am to 6 pm – Monday to Friday)
  2. Email: OTTindia@oup.com
  3. You can connect with the OUP representative for your school.